What are the stakes for the salon vert du cameroun Expo & Conference


The SALON VERT DU CAMEROUN Expo & Conference aim to bring together all public and private actors, green business organizations, activists, artists, NGOs, universities, schools, and embassies that play a role in sustainable development for three days of exhibition, exchange meetings, conferences and presentations of initiatives, round tables and discussions. It will also be an opportunity for all participants to find potential partners, funders and especially have the opportunity to integrate the platform of green actors in Cameroon, vastly benefitting Cameroonian society and environment.

Background and purpose

The adoption of the Paris Climate Agreement calls for an unprecedented effort to reduce human induced cumulative greenhouse gas emissions based on nationally determined contributions and provides a roadmap for global transformation towards a Building the shelter to mitigate climate change, climate-resilient future. Plastic pollution is an economic, environmental, human health and aesthetic problem posing a multi-dimensional challenge to humanity, often compared to climate change in terms of impact, breadth and complexity. In order to Build our climate-resilient future” Madiba & Nature is collaborating with his partners to produce a showcase featuring Cameroonian innovations. We are looking for innovations consistent with the resource-efficient, lifecycle management approach to the green economy.

Summit objectives

  • Bring together Cameroonian actors from green backgrounds, and come up with an inclusive National plateform of ”green actors in Cameroon’‘ that is the hub that boost green jobs, green economies and social inclusivity
  • Work on sectoral and operational Cameroon roadmaps, while establishing a link between climate and development stakes. Provide an important position for adaptation stakes of the continent, offering to provide a link between climate funding and local actors, and involving non-state African actors from all backgrounds.
  • Deliver common messages, action priorities, commitments, concrete proposals and recommendations from non-state African actors with respect to climate stakes, to be covered during the various events on the SALON VERT DU CAMEROON Expo & Conference agenda, with a focus on access to funding.
  • Showcase Cameroonian innovation and innovators from Startup, Conservation NGO of the green business field, Ambassies, schools and universities.

Target audience and location

The SALON VERT DU CAMEROUN Expo & Conference will take place in Douala and is expected to attract over 100 exhibitors and 1000 conference delegates from Startups,NGOs, public and private actors of green business, global and national leaders, policy makers, global companies, activists, artists, NGOs, universities, schools, and embassies.

About organiser

Madiba & Nature is a Cameroonian non-profit organization paving the way for an effective circular economy in Cameroon, promoting innovative waste management education among youth and communities in need, and supporting local nature conservation. The organization is formally recognized by declaration N° 282/RDA/C17/SCSA of 07/12/2016.Madiba & Nature works hard to research and develop efficient technologies for the reuse, upcycling, and recycling of plastic waste. Madiba & Nature’s experts in Education and Technology design curriculum modules used for environmental education in primary schools, secondary schools, and universities; as well as promoting public awareness of recycling through television (including features on National geographic, VOA, CANAL+ and AlJazeera…), radio broadcasting, and social media networks. Through collaborations with international and local partners, Madiba & Nature has spent over five years implementing advocacy and capacity-building programs for youth and Cameroonian community organizations. The organization responds to socio-economic and environmental development needs that threaten sustainable development of society, following our philosophy that for Cameroon to develop sustainably, communities must be empowered to participate meaningfully in the process.

Currently, Madiba & Nature is implementing our Leadership and Entrepreneurship in Green Business (LEGREB) Program in Cameroon and abroad where we are providing technical development support to catalyse environmental sustainability, green business, waste management, and climate change action among partners. The organization is also implementing the first-ever selective-sorting of plastic waste in Cameroon through wide spread installations of our Ecobins (recycling bins constructed out of recycled plastic bottles),in Douala and Kribi. We aim to support City Halls in installing a sustainable system of waste management and recycling. Beyond Ecobin construction, in 2018 Madiba & Nature launched the Fishermen with Ecoboats Project, aiming to provide affordable, sustainable boats constructed entirely from recycled plastic bottles to fishermen in need in the Southern and the Littoral Regions of Cameroon. To date, 46 plastic-bottle Ecoboats are in use by 150 fishermen in Cameroon, promoting economic growth both in the fisheries sector and in the eco-tourism sector.

Key note

The SALON VERT DU CAMEROON Expo & Conference is marked by the desire to gather, to work together and to deliver concrete messages. The year 2020 is a crucial moment in the fight against climate change, where the mobilisation of all actors working in the green field is necessary to strenghten the efforts and to see results coming through. The SALON VERT DU CAMEROON aims to build our climate resilient futur.

This first edition of the SALON VERT DU CAMEROON Expo & Conference, focused on Cameroon, asserts the necessity to combine climate and development, and to work jointly on these two fundamental objectives in order to ensure sustainable development. This involves the organisation of specific workshops : green fundings, recycling, agriculture, Conservation and environmental Education are some of the structuring themes of the summit.

Secondly, the willingness to include this summit in the framework of the United Nations (UNEP), which aims to raise the ambition of States parties to the Paris Agreement, involves sharing of experiences, common-work, and action.

The time has come for concrete initiatives. Thus, the SALON VERT DU CAMEROON Expo & Conference seeks to be operational: its main objective is to structure Cameroon sectoral coalitions, developing operational roadmaps. It is the starting point of a long-term effort to strengthen the common work of non-state actors.

We invite you to be actors of this momentum, to raise your voices, to show your actions, and to share solutions in order to make this SALON a key event of the 2021 climate agenda. This will help to assert Cameroon place in the international climate community, while proposing suitable solution leading up to COP26.

Conditions of participation

Participation to the SALON VERT DU CAMEROUN EXPO & CONFERENCE is only by invitation.

In other hand a few number of applications of organizations or emerging leaders are accepted under specific conditions: Send us your documents at info@madibanature.com with answers of these questions (not longer than 2 pages).

  1. Organisation name and Contact person Name and contact
  2. Your short bio “150 words”
  3. High level pitch or title of your innovation “10 Words”
  4. Description on your business “150 words”
  5. Impact of your work: tell us how is your initiative contributing to mitigate climate change or promote the green business “150 words”
  6. Why do you want to participate to the SALON VERT DU CAMEROUN EXPO & CONFERENCE? “100” Words
  7. What do you expect from the SALON VERT DU CAMEROUN EXPO & CONFERENCE “50” Words
  8. Image of your initiative
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