The coastal zone is composed of ecosystems that constitute a unique wealth, both from an environmental and socio-economic point of view. The enormous amount of 600,000 tons of plastic waste that goes into the environment with less than 10% recycled is mainly due to the lack of a sustainable management system with sorting and recycling.
The project “Contribution to the implementation of a community socio-economic development model compatible with the protection of the environment in the coastal zone” allowed Madiba & Nature and its partners UNDP (GEF small grant project) to collect 10,000kg of plastic waste on the beaches of Kribi and the Rivers of Douala.
More than 30 families involved in this project have seen their contribution to cleaning up the environment crowned with success and improved their various living conditions.
In addition to the residents and families of fishermen in need involved in Kribi Londji, dozens of young people who are unemployed see a new way to have income and meet their daily needs.

The waste thus transformed into bales and exported for valorization in the industrial sectors, contributes to the sustainability of our actions on the field on the one hand and on the other hand ensures a success of the innovative local model of promotion of the social inclusive circular economy developed in Cameroon.

We are happy to see our model contributing to clean up the beaches and public spaces, as well as to observe a multiplication of companies and initiatives in this field of recycling in Cameroon. It’s an honor to lead this way.

loading of container by young workers at the Madiba & Nature factory in Douala

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